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Wakeboard at Texas Ski Ranch

No boat? No problem! Wakeboard and waterski on the cable lakes at TSR. We pride ourselves on having one of the top ranked facilities in the world with some of the best coaches and southern hospitality that can't be beat. Beginners can learn to ride on the 'Lil Bro or take a private lesson on the System 2.0. More advanced riders can enjoy the ever changing lake of features full of rails and kickers, or challenge themselves to amp it up and catch some air. The cable park at TSR is truly perfect for all abilities and ages. Plus those who aren't into the action can lounge on the beach or grab a seat up at Sylver Spoon and enjoy the show.

NEW Online Booking Available!

TSR is excited to partner up with Wakesys- a system that is guaranteed to improve your experience and make sure you get the most out of what TSR has to offer. Purchase your cable passes online before you get to us to speed up your check-in process! Your time won't start until you scan your tag at the dock, so there's no rush!

*Prices do not include TSR Tag- one time purchase of $5 onsite. Required for all participants*

1-Hour Pass

*Not a beginner option: Rental Equipment can only be added to 2hr+ pass options.

Mon-Sun: $31.00 + Tax
2-Hour Pass
Mon-Sun: $35.00 + Tax
4-Hour Pass
Mon-Sun: $41.00 + Tax
All Day Pass
Mon-Sun: $48.00 + Tax
Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.27.37 PM.png
What's this "TSR Tag"?

TSR's newest partner- WakeSys- has helped us to create the ultimate customer experience! Your TSR Tag is your key to play- an RFID chipped wristband that's connected to everything you need around the Ski Ranch. Create your profile online, add money to your prepaid account, purchase activity passes before you get here, and sign your waiver- all in one. One time purchase of $5 (limited edition bands $7) and it's yours to keep- just be sure to bring it with you every time & you can skip the rental room completely! *All customers required to have a digital profile and wristband to participate.

Full Package: $21
Helmet Only: $4
Vest Only: $4
Board Only: $13
Full Package: $29
Helmet Only: $4
Vest Only: $4
Board Only: $21
Full Package: $32
Helmet Only: $4
Vest Only: $4
Board Only: $24

Texas Ski Ranch is 


*Rentals NOT included in pass*

Start Up Fee
$249.00 + Tax

Membership- ride any time the cable is open! Hours will be shortened during the winter.


Membership- ride any time the cable is open! Hours will be shortened during the winter.

$84.00 + Tax. 

Prices do NOT include your TSR Tag*

(Starting Memorial Day Weekend)
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